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(This primarily refers to the main text of Creole 0.5, but indirectly also to the reasoning page.)

I find the text in Creole 0.5 (final) difficult to understand. The issues of preformatted and no-wiki seem to run into each other. It is unclear why the first section is called "Preformatted" (shouldn't it be ("Preformatted and nowiki"?), the second section on escaping mentions both, but seems to deal exclusively with the block-style preformatted. Escaping inline-nowiki seems to be not discussed.

It is unclear to me, why Creole wants to force users who simply happen to have text containing some wiki-interpreted element (like double asterisk, or double square brackets, or double backslash (e.g. when discussing visual basic office macros, plenty of double backslash...) that the "offending" text cannot simple be nowiki, but must also be in teletype font (expressed both verbally and in the tt-xhtml markup example).

With respect to the latter point, the Creole definition and the reasoning page seem to be in contradiction, reasoning says: "There must be a way for users to enter text which will not be formatted by the wiki engine" - but creole 0.5 enforces tt-format!

-- Gregor Hagedorn 2007-03-02

I agree. I suggest to have separate markup for inline no-wiki, which could be called verbatim like in LaTeX (Creole is about markup, not full wiki applications), and to have symmetric, two-character markup for tt, like all other styles in 0.5 and proposals. We could keep {{{}}} for verbatim and use ## for tt (monospace), which wouldn't be new. Nyctergatis implements and documents just that.

-- YvesPiguet, 2007-03-02

Probably it should be written as "... which will not be parsed by the wiki engine". Inner markup, inside the nowiki text, won't be parsed and formatted.

A sort of inline escaping is discussed here: Escape Character Proposal. See the talk page, also.

-- Michele Tomaiuolo, 2007-03-02

Is there any reason to tie teletype formatting to no-wiki parsing? I think this is really a programmers perspective, who seem to like their codes in teletype. I think there is no logical connection, however. I support Yves proposal to keep the issue separate - except in preformatted, where space is treated as formatting method, thus requiring also fixed with font.

-- Gregor Hagedorn 2007-03-06

Also agreed, I don't even remember when it got into the spec -- looking at Creole 0.1, it's already there, while the PreformattedAndNowiki page only suggests monospace font.

I think that leaving this to the implementers won't cause trouble -- monospace text isn't distinctive enough to be used as emphasis anyways -- then those who adopt ## from Creole additions can leave nowiki in normal font, while those who lack the tt formatting can make nowiki monospaced.

-- Radomir Dopieralski, 2007-Mar-06

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