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Below are the characters that can be used in Creole. It especially helps for non-native speakers in discussions to know the terms. See also Wikipedia:Punctuation and Keyboards.

This page is entirely for informational purposes. It does not imply that the characters not to be used in Creole should not be used in Creole. It simply says that they are not currently used.

Characters in Creole#

() parenthesis
[] square brackets
{} curly brackets
<> angle brackets
-  hyphen (also called dash or minus sign)
/  slash
\  backslash
*  asterisk (also called star)
#  number sign (also called pound sign, hash sign or octothorpe)
|  pipe
:  colon
=  equal sign

Characters not in Creole#

^ caret
! exclamation point
' single quote
" quotation mark (also called a quote or a double quote)
; semicolon
` backtick
~ tilde
% percent

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