The following wikis (sites, not [engines]) support creole:

* [[|AERJ]] - Asocio Esperanta de Rio-de-─┤anejro
* [[|Bitbucket]] - a Mercurial version control system host - using the Python [[|creoleparser]] module
* [Extension|] for [OddMuse]
* [[|Kantaro-Vikio]] - community collecting Esperanto song lyrics using DokuWiki
* [[|La Venko-Vikio]] - community collecting funny pictures of "Esperanto" signs
* [MyOpenLink|] - [OpenLink Data Spaces|] public access site.  Create your own wiki instance, or work within someone else's. Note that Creole support is a per-cluster setting, where clusters are contained within instances -- so not all instances will support Creole, though the overall Data Spaces do.
* [[|OpenOffice Wiki]] - The German Open Office Wiki uses Creole
* [[|PageOfText]] - You decide the content... it's just a page of text.  Creole markup is available in the "advanced options" for a page.
* [Sylabus AMU|] - using the MoinMoin Creole parser plugin (private wiki, but here are some [[|public pages]])
* [TingWiki|] - using the [Creole Markup Extension|] for [OddMuse]
* [[Home|WikiCreole]] (this wiki) - using the [[JSPWiki:CreolePageFilter]].
* [WikiOhana|] - using the [Creole Markup Extension|] for [OddMuse]

The following sites are not really wikis (in terms of collaborative content authoring), but use creole:
* [Sheep's wiki and diary|] - using the [Creole Markup Extension|] for [OddMuse]

Also see [Engines]