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Lead developer of Sysquake.

Interested in simple markup for all places where text is used in Sysquake.


  1. A set of simple rules a user can learn and rely on.
  2. Robust specifications with room for evolution without breaking compatibility.
  3. Different markup for monospace font (e.g. ##) and inline verbatim.
  4. Styles (**, //, __ and ##) in titles.
  5. DL lists.


  1. Underline, superscript, subscript.
  2. Multiline list items with lists terminated by empty lines or next (sub)title.
  3. Multiline "modules" (aka multiline placeholders).
  4. Indented paragraphs à la Mediawiki.


  1. Some of Creole's goals, and their interpretation, do not fit well with the requirements above. ExtensibleByOmission compromises compatibility between different Creole engines and versions, and MakeTheMachineWorkHarder can lead to parser behavior based on heuristics.
  2. Automatic, poorly defined URLs supposed to follow ad hoc, implementer-dependent rules to limit interference with Creole mark-up.
  3. Lack of interest for security risks a straight implementation could imply (such as Wikipedia: Code_injection in images).

Experimental implementation#

Nyctergatis, an experimental implementation, can be tested. Based on Creole 0.5 and some proposals, together with its documentation, it supports the whole requirement list and wishlist above.

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