Lead developer of [[|Sysquake]], author of [[Nyctergatis|Nyctergatis Markup Engine]] (NME).

Interested in simple markup for all places where text is used in Sysquake, flexible enough for innovative applications.


# A set of simple rules a user can learn and rely on.
# Robust specifications with room for evolution without breaking compatibility.


# Block plugins similar to block preformatted.
# Simple syntax for metadata.


# Some of Creole's goals, and their interpretation, do not fit well with the requirements above. [[ExtensibleByOmission]] compromises compatibility between different Creole engines and versions, and [[MakeTheMachineWorkHarder]] can lead to parser behavior based on heuristics.
# Automatic, poorly defined URLs supposed to follow ad hoc, implementer-dependent rules which seek limited interference with Creole markup.
# Separate markup for inline nowiki and monospace is optional in 1.0.

==Experimental implementation==

[Nyctergatis], an open-source implementation, can be