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Lead developer of Sysquake.

Interested in simple markup for all places where text is used in Sysquake.


  1. Underline, superscript, subscript
  2. Styles (**, //, __ and {{{}}}) in titles # Different markup for monospace font and inline verbatim (preformatted) # Multiline list items with lists terminated by empty lines or next (sub)title # [Multiline "modules"|MultilinePlaceholderProposal] (aka multiline placeholders) # DL lists # Indented paragraphs à la Mediawiki !!!Experimental implementation [Nyctergatis], an experimental implementation, can be [tested|http://nyctergatis.com/creole/sandbox.creole]. Based on [Creole 0.5] and some proposals for Creole 0.5, it supports the whole wishlist above.

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