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Some JSPWiki [implementation] notes and jots...
The JSPWiki installation documentation for the WikiCreole "Filter" at [[http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/wiki/WikiCreole]] describes a download page "i3G" which is no longer available. You can download the jar file containing the filter from here:
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* [[CreoleFilter.jar]] - JSPWiki jar library containing the filter needed to activate WikiCreole in JSPWiki
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2015-Nov-18 14:51 (CET)
Some [[http://jspwiki.org/wiki/Main|JSPWiki]] [implementation] notes and jots...
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!Memento Markup
!From ChangeLog for JSPWiki 2.5.7
Added CreoleMarkupRenderer, which currently supports WikiCreole 0.2 syntax. This is a highly experimental feature. You can't do much with it yet, since we're missing a backconverter.
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For simple stuff like CSS, I think it's okay to use
!!!Known Problems
* links including tilde (~) or colon (:) get cut off after these characters
* images within nowiki render strangely
* no escape character support yet
!!!Same syntax with Creole 0.3
Lists, Horizontal Rule, Preformatted, Tables
!!!Differences between JSPWiki and Creole 0.3
{{{ __bold__ }}}
{{{ **bold** }}}
!! Italics
{{{ ''italics'' }}}
{{{ //italics// }}}
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creole text here
<<%%(font-size:huge)%%>>some huge creole text<<%%>>
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However, for large and complex we probably have to go to mnemonics, such as
====== Small ======
===== Small =====
==== Small ====
=== Medium ===
== Large ==
= Large =
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creole text here
[This is a page|Page]
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to mark a table. The cool think about the Mementos is that we can choose either or, depending on the situation.
[[Page|This is a page]]
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!Transclusion support
[{Image src = 'myimage.jpg' caption = 'this is my image'}]
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This needs a bit of thinking... Might be easiest to include the TranscludePlugin.
{{myimage.png|this is my image}}
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