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See [http://sheep.art.pl/]
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What I like in Creole so far:
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* link syntax, with some room for improvement for non-us keyboards;
* ending paragraphs/lists with an empty line;
* ending paragraphs by starting a list;
* ending paragraphs/lists by starting a pre block;
* ending paragraphs/lists by putting a heading or horizontal line;
* allowing to indent lists;
* pre block and nowiki syntax (with room for improvement);
* heading syntax;
* horizontal line syntax;
I'm not "giving up" and I definitely didn't want to force **you** to give up. I'm just not going to argue blindly for my idea of how Creole should look like -- I realized I was doing this for the last several months, basically repeating the same arguments over and over. This is sudden because it comes out of a sudden realization, not because it's an act of emotional terrorism. I think that both the hyphen lists and the escape character both have the potential to be good solutions -- I just don't like certain aspects of the proposals in the current form.
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What I don't like, but consider acceptable:
All in all, I'm not going away -- I'm just stopping this stupid war I started.
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* parsing raw urls in text;
* bold/italics terminology (and resulting decisions);
* italics syntax;
* nesting and mixing of bold/italics;
* emphasizing links;
* choice of syntax for placeholder;
* choice of syntax for images;
* nesting lists;
* mixing lists types;
* two separate lists types;
* too many heading levels;
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Apr-30
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What I think should change before final spec:
Hello Radomir, whatever happens next, it has been fun working on parts of Creole with you. If you're ever in Tokyo, please let me know! Cheers.
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* use asterisks for bullet lists;
* ignore line breaks in paragraph text (a special syntax for forcing line breaks may be introduced);
* limit nesting level of lists (preferably to 1);
* allow (preferably require) descriptions in images;
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This is where I stand for today (2006-09-08). I'm open to explain/discuss my reasons behind any of these points. I reserve a right to change my mind about any of these points.
I think it could help if others prepared similar lists.
-- [[Mark Wharton]], 2007-05-01
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