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! Moving to and from emails
* One criterion I've always considered import is: can I easily copy/paste from and to emails? Two Creole constructs currently fail this test:
** Line breaks: email programs frequently insert line breaks of their own! This would break the wiki markup. Why not use the LaTeX double backslash for line breaks?
** bullet lists: I often see lists written like this (especially by Emacs users) and actually like the WYSIWYG quality it has:
- this is a list item that spans
several lines
- this is a nested list
This line is not part of the list.
* I would like to see a minimal markup language. For the more frequently used constructs, ASCII art-like syntax is OK, but for more esoteric commands it makes sense to introduce a uniform macro syntax.
* For our own home-grown wiki syntax, we used a staged translation into a proper abstract syntax tree: The final syntax is nested, much like HTML; i.e., there is clearly defined scope and arbitrary structured blocks can be nested. Before, there is a special translation step that transforms line-centric wiki markup to the block-centric abstract syntax. Advantages:
** I can use our syntax in emails and convert it easily to both HTML and LaTeX (because we have an abstract syntax tree).
** For styled Ajax-based text entry, one needs to convert from HTML to a wiki syntax. A macro syntax permits a very simple solution here: translate HTML tags to macros while keeping the name.
** Reference: "A Wiki as an Extensible RDF Presentation Engine", Rauschmayer, Kammergruber. [http://www.pst.ifi.lmu.de/~rauschma/bib/#rauschma:swemwikked_eswc:2006]
-- [Axel Rauschmayer], 2006-09-19
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