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I'm currently parsing the creole markup at save time, and storing XML (actually subset of XHTML). Then applying the reverse transformation at edit time, XML to Creole. So could implement a specific XMLToEmail transformation.
I think it has a number of advantages. Like sloppy creole markup is corrected, can just embed the XML directly into web pages, and XML to Creole transformation is far easier than the reverse for displaying for editting purposes.
-- [JaredWilliams], 2006-09-20
Radomir: good points, especially about list indentation levels and scope description. I'm really warming up to Creole, it's not easy to go beyond matters of taste.
Two more comments:
Why not ~~italics~~? But for me clashing with URIs is not a problem, I don't want free-standing URIs anyway. Only excluding http:// and ftp:// seems a bit limited, though. How about https and mailto?
Line breaks: This is something I cannot live with. Again: I think the LaTeX way (empty lines produce paragraphs, line breaks have to be explicitly introduced via double backslash) of doing this works best, as especially under Unix, programs frequently insert line breaks. I hardly ever use explicit line breaks and thus think that one should explicitly mention them if one really needs them.
-- [Axel Rauschmayer], 2006-09-23
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