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Personally, I think that Crossmark is very different from Creole in terms of starting point and goals:
__Crossmark__ has practically a fresh start -- apart from some traditions and general expectations, the authors are free to invent any markup that does the job well. Any existing documents would need conversion anyways. Any new documents will be written entirely in Crossmark. There is no reason for backward compatibility, no hard rules for traditions to respect (although there is a number of common sense things), and a lot of politics. __Target audience__ are people who are going to learn to use computer and to teach to use it -- they don't need to care about someone who uses computer only sometimes. The text is mostly write once -- read a lot, so the elaborate heading syntax, strict use of indetation, etc. are a good thing. There will be, sooner or later, a WYSIWYG editor for it anyways. The texts are going to usually be long, complete articles. The viewers are going to be standarized, probably all using the same library for parsing.
__Creole__ is born dependent on the existing wikis. There are many, many wiki pages that are not going to be specially converted -- and that we want displayed correctly. The language itself is not complete -- rather it's a core, a common part of multiple languages. It doesn't cover the needs of any single group of users -- they will need their own exensions anyways. The writing style and culture is pretty much established -- Creole can't redefine it. __Target audience__ is very diverse, from totally unexperienced, one-time contributors, to experienced wiki-gnomes watching the recent changes pages in their sleep. The users don't form such strong groups and cannot be easily educated. The text is mainly for writing, editing and changing -- thus the syntax must be forgiving to prevent accidental "breaking" of markup during page editing. The pages are mostly work in progress and contain a lot of discussions -- very unlike complete articles. Creole is not going to be forced -- its life depends entirely on how simple and convenient it is. There will be probably dozens of implementations, mostl likely differening in details and some corner cases. Finally, Creole is for writing web pages, not books and other printed materials.
Thus, while there is a lot of common ground, the languages have different purposes. In particular, they don't compete for audience -- since they are for different environments, it's unlikely for one of them to suffocate the other (and even if so, the Creole is the one to die, as it has no "official" enforcement like Crossmark). The markups are going to be different because they serve different purposes. All we can do is trying to not introduce meaningless or confising differences -- like using the same syntax for different constructs.
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2006-01-19
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