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I led the WikiSym workshop on Creole along with Christoph Sauer, Janne Jalkanen and Ward Cunningham. I work for the i3g Institute of the Hochschule Heilbronn. I am also the founder of the Esperanto Wikipedia and the head developer of the WikiWizard.

I would most like to see WikiCreole implemented in JSPWiki, MediaWiki and TracWiki since I work with those wiki engines the most and it is always confusing to switch back and forth between different syntaxes.

Things I would like to change in Creole 0.4#

  • remove line break requirement
  • allow for level one headers like this: = really big header =
  • add code like \\ for line breaks

Contact Info#

I can be reached by email: csmith (at) hs-heilbronn.de

I can also be reached using the following IM clients:

  • Google Talk: chuckssmith (at) gmail.com
  • Skype: amuzulo

Telephone: +49 7131 504 474

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