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tacodarer There is a growing need for basic converters (libraries) to convert Creole to XHTML in different programming languages. If you have written such a converter, please add it below. Ideally it can easily be imported and called with a single function, that will take Creole and spit out valid html/xhtml.

Does such a thing exist? Maybe someone is near completion and just hasn't added it to the wiki?

When adding a converter it would be helpful to note the license. GPL converters generally can not be used in non-GPL programs.

C #

C# #

ColdFusion #

Common Lisp #

Haskell #

Java #

JavaScript #

Lua #

Perl #


Python #

  • You may want to take a look at Markdown in Python if you're considering doing this. Maybe you could use some of the code as a basis to speed up development.
  • You can use the creole parser from MoinMoin 1.7 -- the parser itself has no dependecies on the MoinMoin API, you just need your own emitter.

Ruby #

Why the languages above? #

There exists a Markdown converter for eleven of the languages above. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown) Sure, some of the languages are less important than others, but if we had all eleven languages we'd be as broad platform as Markdown.

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