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Basic Elements of Creole.

Should there be an explicit notion for paragraphs (would involve also the notion of linebreaks) ?


whitespace before not allowed
* bullet list
# number list
mixed lists ok


''italics'' Neopolitan, looks like quote, less intuitive
//italics// parsing URLs, harder to parse (majority)


(weak majority)
**bold** collision with bullet


(consensus: space optional, up to level 6)
= Level 1 (Largest)
== Level 2
=== Level 3

No space instead of pipe because internal links can have spaces.
[[MyBigPage|go to my page]]


(blank line makes paragraph)

Line breaks#

(consensus: treat line breaks as line breaks) (best practice: line continuations made with backslash at end of line)
treat line breaks as <br> - more intuitive for new users
treat line breaks as whitespace - precedent, good for Hebrew



Nowiki and preformatted in-line or block#

No wiki markup is interpreted between these characters. (ignore spaces below) (consensus)
{ { { pre } } }

I want to talk about

Placeholder / Native Markup Block#

(Optional for wiki developers.)

Horizontal Line?#



{{ include this! }}
{{ include this! | unspecified stuff }}
[[some link|{{Image:Stuff.jpg}}]]


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