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See EditPageHelp for syntax rules.

Advanced Editing#

If you are not familiar with the markup you can change the editor from plain (default) to WikiWizard, which has buttons for all common elements. First startup will take a while because it is an applet but once it is downloaded and cached, it takes not more than 1 to 3 seconds to start. Also note that it is a signed applet, so trust us and hit the yes button :). There's a known bug with Firefox: After 5% loading sometimes WikiWizard hangs. Workaround: Simply press the reload button. We'll work on that.

Tracking Page Changes#

You can see the page history under the Page Info tab. Every page has an RSS feed so that you can track even individual pages. You will find the RSS feed for a page in the Page Info tab as well.


You can upload attachments to a page only if you log in. As soon as you are logged in, a attachments tab will appear. Attachment size is limited to 5 MB


If you would like to redirect from one page to the other you can use the set alias directive

For example the page Christoph contains the following code...

[{SET alias='ChristophSauer'}]

Missing Features#

If you have features from your wiki engine that you really miss, let me know.

-- Christoph, 26-Aug-06

Yes, three

There is a new SpamFilter for JSPWiki, but it seems to be quite restrictive (see Spam filter too aggressive), so as long as it is possible I would like to avoid it.

There are InterWiki links defined. For exampe Ohana:WikiPrinciples or Google:WikiCreole. You can see a list of all defined InterWiki links in the help tab of the editor (Available InterWiki Links).

--Christoph, 13-Dec-06

The JSPWiki SpamFilter works a lot better now; it uses a combination of URL counting, blacklisting of words and Akismet to do intelligent filtering. It's just that there was a bug in all the releases up to 2.4.84, which killed pages essentially randomly... *sheepish grin* It seems to be working now a lot better.

-- JanneJalkanen, 13-Dec-06

SpamFilter is installed now. Thanks Janne for the help with the SpamFilterWordList. I also activated the akismet.net function. Should you have problems to edit a page due to the spam filter, let me know.

--Christoph, 18-Dec-06

Keuh. You seem to have installed the latest from the dev branch (which does not yet have all the features of the 2.4 stable branch incorporated - including a fixed spam filter!). Please expect weirdosities, as this is a *known* broken system now... I would highly recommend the latest in the 2.4 branch, not the 2.5 development!

-- JanneJalkanen, 18-Dec-06

Thought to myself be bold :) Switched back to 2.4.82. latest stable. Thanks again Janne.

-- ChristophSauer, 19-Dec-06

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