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See http://sheep.art.pl/

Things that could be maybe a good idea:

  • Possibility to mark parts of the document and name them -- either to wrap in a div to me handled specially with css, or to apply special formatting rules (apart from the standard ones that work too). Something like light bulb at http://labs.wmid.amu.edu.pl/.

What I like in Creole so far:

  • link syntax, with some room for improvement for non-us keyboards;
  • ending paragraphs/lists with an empty line;
  • ending paragraphs by starting a list;
  • ending paragraphs/lists by starting a pre block;
  • ending paragraphs/lists by putting a heading or horizontal line;
  • allowing to indent lists;
  • pre block and nowiki syntax (with room for improvement);
  • heading syntax;
  • horizontal line syntax;

What I don't like, but consider acceptable:

  • parsing raw urls in text;
  • bold/italics terminology (and resulting decisions);
  • italics syntax;
  • nesting and mixing of bold/italics;
  • emphasizing links;
  • choice of syntax for placeholder;
  • choice of syntax for images;
  • nesting lists;
  • mixing lists types;
  • two separate lists types;
  • too many heading levels;

What I think should change before final spec:

  • use asterisks for bullet lists;
  • ignore line breaks in paragraph text (a special syntax for forcing line breaks may be introduced);
  • limit nesting level of lists (preferably to 1);
  • allow (preferably require) descriptions in images;

This is where I stand for today (2006-09-08). I'm open to explain/discuss my reasons behind any of these points. I reserve a right to change my mind about any of these points.

I think it could help if others prepared similar lists.

Yes, good idea whit the list. --Christoph

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