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Hi guys!

I feel that a more abstract description of the goals of and motivation behind the Creole markup is still missing, and couldn't hurt. This would provide a better understanding of what Creole is, as well as of what it is not, to both those who are currently actively involved as Wiki authors, and to potential future authors.

In addition, it would facilitate marketing efforts with respect to public reception and opinion.

The goals we came up with at the Workshop, which are also listed in this Wiki, are fairly specific and already target the actual implementation of the markup itself, albeit on a conceptual basis.

What are your thoughts on this?


I wonder about two things:
  • What is the actual goal of this -- making editing different wikis easier for users, or making wikis interoperate easier?
  • Is the markup format already decided (and if so, what are the rationales behind it), or is it to be discussed here?


Creole would do both: first of all it would make editing different wikis easier. At the same time it would make wiki interoperability easier. If every wiki would have a creole converter it could become the "protocol" language. Personally i think though that the best interoperability comes from people that can copy and paste seemlessly snippets from one wiki to the other etc. I would not rely to much on that the machines would do that somhow for us.

There's now a specification that is not yet the final draft, there's still room for discussion, but it will give wikidevelopers a direction to implement and experiment. The decissions made on the wikisym will be documented in this wiki, i hope that the participants will add the exact rationales to the elements and further discuss alternatives here. I already tried to do that as you can see in Talk.Lists for example. Take a look at the Goals that the participants formulated for a rough direction.

--Christoph 30-Aug-06

I'm thinking about bringing the topic of WikiCreole on the next ting. Would you be interested and come to discuss and work on it a little bit interactively? Anyways, feel invited (I came up with it a little late, maybe it should be a later ting).

-- RadomirDopieralski 2006-09-02

Do you guys think that blocking any edit that has "Comment by" in the change note field would be easy to do? :)

-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-Mar-03

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