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=== Links ===
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{{{[[Link|Description]]}}} was chosen since most wikis put the link before the text and this is also a precedence of HTML.
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== Links in wiki engines
[{PieChartPlugin title='Links in wiki engines'
single square brackets (26), 26
double square brackets (23), 23
curly/square brackets and quote (2), 2
(26) {{{ [link] }}} - Clearspace, Confluence, ErfurtWiki, Giki, JSPWiki, KWikiKWiki, Midgard Wiki, Netcipia, nexdo, PBwiki, PhpWiki, ProjectForum, ProntoWiki, ProWiki, ScrewTurn Wiki, SeedWiki, SnipSnap, Socialtext, TracWiki, Wala Wiki, Wiclear, Wikepage, wxWikiServer, XWiki, Zwiki
(23) {{{ [[link]] }}} - DokuWiki, EditMe, GeboGebo, IkeWiki, JAMWiki, MediaWiki, miniWiki, Oddmuse, OpenWikiNG, PmWiki, PukiWiki, Qwik, ScrewTurn Wiki, SeedWiki, StikiPad, TiddlyWiki, TWiki, VQWiki, WikiDoc, Wikispaces, WikkaWiki, WikyBlog, Zwiki
(2) {{{ ["link"] }}} - MoinMoin, MoniWiki
== Links with descriptions in wiki engines
[{PieChartPlugin title='Links with descriptions in wiki engines'
link first (18), 18
description first (9), 9
(18) Link first - DokuWiki, ErfurtWiki, GeboGebo, IkeWiki, JAMWiki, MediaWiki, Midgard Wiki, miniWiki, PmWiki, Qwik, ScrewTurn Wiki, TracWiki, TWiki, WikiDoc, Wikispaces, WikkaWiki, WikyBlog, wxWikiServer
(9) Description first - Confluence, Giki, JSPWiki, Netcipia, PhpWiki, PmWiki, PodWiki, PukiWiki, XWiki, [[http://instiki.org/ | Instiki]] (Textile), ...
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