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Sure I enjoy goofing to this! I take the point Radomir, and no, I don't want all of html, css, latex, whatever. I feel wary about what may happen with allowing all of CSS. However, using JSPWiki, it has //not// caused trouble so far, whereas allowing html has caused such trouble.
I hate the 95-ASCII-character-which-can-we-double-to-get-the-next-bit-of-required-formatting approach ([[Hints On Extending]]). I believe this creates a mess in regard to the complexity of escaping and de-escaping content, and I believe it creates a mess for content authors who will have a very steep and long learning curve.
I know my users need to markup super/subscript generically. The computer programmers here want to have some markup for code (monospace). The next real stumbling block for content authors seems to be the usually inadequate table support. I get very dissatisfied responses about this (especially lack of cell spanning in JSPWiki). This wiki makes a lot of use of CSS floating comment boxes... I can imagine a need for inserted/deleted - but in my user community. But that is about it - for me. But every community may need a bit more.
Where is the compromise?
I am looking for some //extensible// method that Creole may already use for the lesser important formatting issues, which are still considered important enough to be generalized. Doing so will actually make Creole easier, not more difficult. It will create layers: Most important markup, secondary Creole markup, software-specific formatting extensions. I suggest opening a path for software specific extensions in a creole-only syntax, that allow secondary Creole markup and software-specific formatting extensions to coexist.
That was my original proposal, and I got charged or reinventing the wheel. You say that using the wheel is silly and gets us into trouble. I tend to agree... Could we suggest only a limited number of second level formatting constructs, but use CSS syntax for those?
What do you propose? Do you think that [[Hints On Extending]] is the best approach?
PS. There is a big difference between you and me. "Creating a Creole extension that makes use of CSS (or ~LaTeX, or Perl, or Assembler) should be pretty simple" -- no, it is impossible for 99.99% of Wiki content authors - except for the few programmers who use a Wiki for their own purposes like you... We need you and all the other programmers, but here I believe you need to take a different perspective!
-- [[Gregor Hagedorn]], 2007-Apr-13
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