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Gregor, I agree with you that we need either this, or one of the other things you proposed. Currently I'm in favor of the [[GenericExtensionElementProposal]], but that may be just because it was discussed best so far.
Now, to address your needs, I see several problems and several possible solutions -- these are to start the discussion, not to counter your arguments, mind you. Also note, that there is already [[Superscript And Subscript Proposal]] and that it will likely be included in [[Creole Additions]].
The problem with advanced formatting in links and page names: URLs don't support it! They do support the Unicode alternatives I mentioned in the [[Talk.SuperscriptAndSubscriptProposal]], at least when the engine uses UTF-8. So, Creole would have to specify an algorithm for encoding this formatting into URLs -- which is out of the [[Creole scope]] and poses an additional problem, as not all wiki engines allow the same set of characters in their page names, due to either design decisions or implementation of their storage (think C2). Note how the original wiki swiftly sidesteps this problem by spelling out any advanced markup in page names (CeePlusPlus).
Another problem with advanced formatting -- it's going to be, by necessity, quite elaborate. I doubt your users will me happy writing {{{2m__sup__2__sup__}}}, and I'm pretty much sure they won't be happy reading it. Using Unicode (with some nice way of enabling the users to enter it comfortably in the engine, like buttons or even just a list of them for copy-pasting) is the most readable and portable way. Using a LaTeX-like plugin (not necessarily LaTeX, it may render to normal HTML and use even simplier syntax, custom-crafted for the purpose) is a second-in-order comfortable option, at least in my opinion and limited experience. Compare:
Lastly, things like text alignment, floating of elements, spacing, colors, etc. are the domain of web designers and are best accomplished using styles and style sheets. Sure, a way of inserting a classed div or span would be then handy, but that's hardly core wiki syntax.
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Apr-05
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