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Hi guys!
Hi guys!
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Do you guys think that blocking any edit that has "Comment by" in the change note field would be easy to do? :)
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-- [[RadomirDopieralski]], 2007-Mar-03
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But wouldn't it be easy for a robot developer to change it? I'am not sure if that would solve our problem in the long run...
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--[Karadagert|http://porn-gratis-black.110mb.com], 14-Feb-2007
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-Mar-04
It would be easy for the robot **developer** -- if you assume that the script is used by the developer himself and that he targets only this wiki specifically (and checks on the results regularly). On the other hand, if the script is being used by someone who doesn't fully understand it, this wiki is not the only target and the checkups are rare -- we have a good chance of becoming a too costly target.
Looking at the date format (identical to locale used by this wiki internally) and unified format of the comments I'd guess that the spammer uses some kind of "comment action" that is present in JSPWiki but not used on this particular wiki (due to Talk.* pages). So, maybe just blocking that action would make the spammer's life much harder?
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Mar-04
Excellent. You are right - it's a feature we are not using here. I disabled it (won't tell any details). Let's see what happens.
-- [[Christoph Sauer]], 2007-Mar-04
Maybe we could split that page into several subpages, with external links on every subpage, so that Herb will be happy?
-- [[RadomirDopieralski]], 2008-Mar-08
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