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-- [JaredWilliams], 2007-02-02
-- [JaredWilliams], 2007-02-
We already ruled out hyphen because of different kinds of ambiguity:
Look at the following numbers:
Which ones you think are positive and which are negative?
and also this rare case (more common when blog-like newlines are used):
When hyphenating compound words, you put the hyphen on both sides of the line-
I think that a single hyphen is just too common in normal language to be used for markup. It's also rarely used in wikis.
Incidentally, requiring white space after the bullet resolves this ambiguity as well :).
As for "user freedom", I don't quite get it. It doesn't restrict your freedom more that a "don't jump out of the window" sign. It's not an assalut on your freedom when you're forbidden to do something you don't want to do anyways. Similar case with "forgetting" to put the space after the bullet. That's also not possible -- it's a muscle reflex. You can't forget how to ride a bike. Of course, you //could// get confused if there were two kinds of bikes, requiring different handling. But the space after bullet is used **everywhere**. Sometimes it's not forced, but it is always allowed. This is a typography tradition, picked up from all the books and magazines and pretty much everythig you read -- just like the space after end-of-sentence period. There are two exceptions I can think of: when using dashes for bullets, some typographers advice to use only very thin space, as to now break the page composition, and of course when you want to be "original" on some kind of a poster -- but then the bullets are usually of weird shapes and different color than the text.
Some examples from the sylabus wiki:
* http://sylabus.wmid.amu.edu.pl/Podstawowe_pojecia_i_narz%C4%99dzia_informatyki?action=raw
* http://sylabus.wmid.amu.edu.pl/Algorytmy_i_struktury_danych?action=raw
* http://sylabus.wmid.amu.edu.pl/Matematyka_dyskretna?action=raw
* http://sylabus.wmid.amu.edu.pl/Podstawy_programowania?action=raw
These are some pages that were made public by their editors, so I can show them. But I've looked at all the pages in the wiki (about 160 now) and I haven't found a single case of no space after the bullet (although the hyphens dominate).
We can include this test in [[TheStudentExperiment]].
-- RadomirDopieralski, 2007-02-02
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