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I think I've put my idea very bad. Sorry. Actually, I was referring to rules more than engines (I wrote engines but I meant wiki languages).
My point is:
# if Creole requires a space after bullets, both languages requiring a space and those not requiring one are 100% Creole-compatible (in the sense they can interpret Creole, they extend it)
# if Creole doesn't require a space, some wiki languages (those which will expect a space) won't fully understand Creole texts
Allowing two different syntaxes for the same semantic makes Creole (a bit) harder to be adopted. I'm talking in general, here, more than specifically on lists, bullets and spaces. I cannot see this in [[Goal]]s, but I would put it as "the stricter, the better". Please note that I'm not arguing it should be respected in every case, but it should be //one of// the goals, to be balanced against others.
-- MicheleTomaiuolo, 2007-02-02
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