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The additional ambiguity is the following one:
Paragraph before...
* This is a list
item where I want
**something** to be bold
* Before going to
the next item
Paragraph after...
It's worse than before, because before (without removing single breaks) this could happen only when introducing a bold paragraph after a list. You were simply supposed to leave a blank line before the bold paragraph.
Now, well, you can break the line where you want, but if it happens just before some bold text... Who knows? You simply cannot break there.
I was suggesting the "special case" for first level lists as a last resort, to remove at least worst ambiguities. I agree it's not good. In fact, my preference is to require a space always. If people here really believe that some forgiveness will help Creole to be more useful... then at least let's reduce the generated ambiguity. And let's leave this forgiveness out of the standard saying first of all that "a space is required". If I understood, you don't like the following "... are strongly encouraged". Do you, Radomir?
Put it another way. No problem. Or remove it, I would agree ;)
Some more serious conflicts could arise in languages which allow single stars to express emphasis (Crossmark, Markdown...). I think these languages could not be "forgiving" at all. For this reason, we cannot require to interpret lists without the space after a bullet in general. At most we can suggest it, where it's possible. But I wouldn't go this way, if I had to choose.
-- [[Michele Tomaiuolo]], 2007-02-09
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