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-- ChristophSauer, 1-Feb-01
-- ChristophSauer, 2007-Feb-01
I strongly agree with Christoph. I use the TracWiki quite often and it requires a space before the bullet, and even after messing that up several times, I still sometimes forget to add the space and I am a professional wiki researcher specializing in wiki markup! I can't imagine the problem being different for spaces after a bullet. Users will forget. Then they'll forget again. Then again. And each time they'll be frustrated, because they tried to use wiki markup and it didn't do what they expected. Then, they'll complain that wiki markup is stupid, and rightfully so, because imho requiring a space after a bullet is stupid.
Yes there are possible problems with ambiguity of unordered lists and bold. But, I would say these cases happen about 0,1% of the time, and no one should primarily develop a system to specifically account for obscure edge cases. Also, I don't see many people here arguing from the user's point of view, but from the programmer's point of view. A user doesn't care at all about regular expressions or how beautiful the code is. A user doesn't even care what a wiki is. They just want to be able to collaborate as easily as possible and that is what we are trying to help them accomplish.
-- ChuckSmith, 2007-Feb-01
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