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This wiki was just set up, i will replcae the Add Comment tag with a Discussion tab. This will create Wikipedia style discussions. Add Comment just adds a comment to the page at the bottom, not cleanly seperating the page content from the discussion. Don't use the Add Comment tab, instead create a discussion page in the meanwhile.

If you are not familiar with the markup you can change the editor from plain (default) to WikiWizard, which has buttons for all common elements. First startup will take a while because it is an applet but once it is downloaded and cached, it takes not more than 1 to 3 seconds to start. Also note that it is a signed applet, so trust us and hit the yes button :). FCK editor is not working, entry will be removed.

If you have features from your wiki engine that you really miss, let me know.

-- Christoph, 26-Aug-06

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