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Work in progress#


What could be improved in Creole:

  • disallow mixing of lists types,
  • allow both '*' and '-' in lists,
  • allow both '=' and '!' in headings,
  • treat all __...__, **...** and //...// as three different kinds of emphasis, without specifying the exact presentation,
  • disallow mixing of emphasis types,
  • have markup for inline quotes,
  • have markup of some common characters not easily accessible from keyboard, like "--" for en-dash, "---" for em-dash, "..." for ellipsis, etc.,
  • move/add the markup for monospace text, tables, indentation, plugin macros, placeholder, subscript, superscrpt, definition lists to Creole additions,
  • don't add any more new markup to core Creole.

This is where I stand for today (2007-02-14). I'm open to explain/discuss my reasons behind any of these points. I reserve a right to change my mind about any of these points.

I think that Creole has slowly reached its desirable form and that further non-cosmetic changes will only harm it. There is still a lot of work for us left once we declare Creole final -- create the supporting software, improve the wording, prepare cheatsheets and detailed descriptions in various languages, work on Creole additions and hints for implementers, etc.

(Anti)Patterns #

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