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Not discussed at WikiSym 06, please comment on the Talk.Tables page. Also see the list of table markups.

Creole only supports very basic table syntax, with no alignment. It is meant to create simple table like phone lists or top 10 lists. It only contains a notion for creating headings and forced line breaks.

Since Creole 0.3#

Simple table

|Cell 1.1       |Cell 1.2
|Cell 2.1       |Cell 2.2

Table rows ending with | are optional.

|Cell 1.1 | Cell 1.2 |
|Cell 2.1 | Cell 2.2 |

Since Creole 0.5#

Table with heading

|=Heading Col 1 |=Heading Col 2
|Cell 1.1       |Cell 1.2
|Cell 2.1       |Cell 2.2

Table with forced line break using the \\ syntax

|=Heading Col 1                        |= Heading Col 2
|Cell 1.1 line one \\ Cell 1.1 line two | Cell 1.2

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