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== 2007-02-27
[[mailto:tjgrant@tatewake.com|Terence J. Grant]]: Your markup looks interesting, I'd like to see something along the lines of a separate syntax for images versus download-able files.
I didn't see anything on your markup specification for download-able files per se, but I think it would be generally a good idea to be able to have a syntax that covers both "embedded data" versus "download-able data."
Say for instance, you could embed Java, flash, or Browser based Plug-ins when you need to, and have that separate "download" syntax when it comes to releasing files to end users. It would give the author of the document more control, and relying less on having to configure a wiki engine.
[[ChristophSauer]]: Sounds like this belongs to the [[Generic Extension Element Proposal]], this is kind of a plug in syntax (I am using the JSPWiki term here) that let you embed functionality into the engine...
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