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Since multiline paragraphs have been permitted since 0.4, it should also be the case for list elements. I.e.

* some long
list item
should be rendered like
* some long list item
An empty line would be used to start a paragraph.

An empty line marks the end of all lists, even deeply nested ones:

* a
* b
** c

is rendered as

In addition, any markup that doesn't belong in a list will end the list. For instance, tables, headings or preformatted blocks are not allowed inside list elements, and thus a markup that starts any of them will cause a list to end. An alternative solution, ignoring the markup when it appears inside a list, would introduce a nasty special case.

As a general rule of thumb, any inline elements are allowed inside list while the block elements (ones that start on their own line) will cause the list to end.

Wikis allowing this markup#

Wikis not allowing this markup#

Other multiline list item markup#

  • JSPWiki (leading spaces on next lines)
  • Crossmark (indenting)
  • UseMod (linefeeds escaped with a backslash)
  • PmWiki (linefeeds escaped with a backslash)
  • NotesWiki (linefeeds escaped with a backslash)
  • WikiModel - different list syntaxes are supported (including this one)
  • ...

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