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My position in regard to escape character and hyphen lists is still the same:
* I don't feel convinced we need an universal escape character at all -- maybe we do maybe we don't, we should state the problem we are trying to solve with it and look at various solutions, //including// but not limited to the escape character. Introducing this markup solely for the purpose of making other proposed markup acceptable does fire some warning signals -- maybe if it was proposed in a different situation, the reaction would be different.
Escaping rules, if used, should be made as braindead simple as possible at all. Making them "intuitive" just doesn't work -- every user has different intuition.
* Implementing the escape character in the way proposed in 0.6 is not possible with the approach used in the MoinMoin plugin currently -- so I would have to basically rewrite it from scratch. While I'm pretty much sure that the quality of code would rise tremendously in the process, I don't think I would have enough free time (in large chunks) to actually do it in near future. This is not a threat of any kind or a reason for me arguing against it -- it's just a fact. Of course, if the escape character is really that superior, we should by all means do it. Code is cheap, relatively.
* I **love** the signle hyphens for lists, especially after watching the results of user activity both on the Sylabus wiki and on the wikis prepared for [[TheStudentExperiment]]. However, the multiple-hyphens-for-nested-lists markup is totally unacceptable to me -- it's new and confusing. One solution would be to choose different markup for nesting, another -- forbid nesting altogether, or even propose a different markup for nested lists in the additions. Of course asterisks are nice too and changing the conflict with bold seems like too little a reason for changing the markup entirely.
* I would be glad to see whitespace required after bullets no matter what we use for the lists. But I argued this point enough, and will not come back to it unless there is any new material to consider.
* Lets beware of complicating Creole incrementally as our code base grows -- we want more programmers to jump in, and we want to **ease** their job and remove barriers. How many **active** programmers does Creole have now, how many of them wait for the target to stop moving or even have given up completely already? Do you remember how Creole started and how good it was initially? Lets not spoil that.
By the way, Gregor, it was me who conducted the experiment with counting markup uses on Wikipedia. I admit that it wasn't well-thought -- I just wanted to see what happens, I didn't follow a systematic scientific method. Anybody can repeat this or do some new experiments easily -- the page database of Wikipedia is available for download (unfortunatelly, without the history). But it is very hard to form a consisten, provable theory, you know.
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Apr-08
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