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My opinion on these topics:
* The escape character is an alternative to nowiki (inline triple-braces), much less verbose in some cases. Offering the choice is similar to backslash/verbatim in LaTeX, or backslash/single quotes in shell. Escaping braces with triple-braces quickly becomes painful. I strongly agree that the escape character should be simple. What's currenly in 0.6 is much much worse than no escape character, imo. It isn't a matter of implementation, but of usage, documentation, compatibility with mixed-mode engines, and evolution.
* I don't dislike hyphens, but since nested lists will be supported by at least some engines, the syntax should extend nicely. Idem for mixed numbered/unnumbered lists. I don't like leading spaces for denoting the nesting level, because of the difficulty to count spaces and to distinguish them from tabs. I don't like at all the idea of having both hyphens and stars for unnumbered lists: it's confusing and it eats up one more character available for markup. So I'd prefer to stick with stars, followed or not by a space.
* I'm puzzled by the so-called stable version 0.6.
-- [[YvesPiguet]], 2007-Apr-08
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