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''I'm puzzled by the so-called stable version 0.6.''
If we don't have a consensus about 0.6 we should not tag it as stable and move on to the next iteration. This would be a waste of version numbers. What would you like to see to go into 0.6? I know that you have written a lot about it already, just a summary would be good. We need to come to a decision in order to move onward. My only wish is to see the [[Hyphen List Markup Proposal]] to go into creole so that we can get out our parser modifications and a new version of WikiWizard which will support creole. I need to start using creole in production. Escaping isn't really important here, but how lists are created is important. I don't want to change all the asterisks later into hyphens, you know. As far as I can tell from your last post we at least could agree on this change?
I got a very tight schedule this week, sorry. I will write more as soon as I have time.
-- [[ChristophSauer]], 2007-Apr-10
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