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Another thought: Should there be a construct that allows the insertion of raw HTML?
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Then all users would have to learn html to be ble to edit the html others inserted. Also, this would pose considerable implementation problems, especially for the parsers that use somethng different than html for output (a Crele2Latex converter is on the way), not to mention filtering the html to avoid cross-site scripting attacks.
While collecting data for the NowikiMarkupComparison, I noticed that some wiki engines make another distinction: a pre block with spaces and newlines preserved, but wiki markup (like links and emphasis) allowed. My own personal wiki uses a custom markup for pre blocks with proportional fonts -- for the sole purpose of displaying poetry (inserting {{{\\}}} everywhere is hardly convenient, but poems and lysrics set with monospace font are very ugly). Wonder if we should consider these two too? Block-level double-brace anyone? ;)
-- [[Radomir Dopieralski]], 2007-Apr-11
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